1Fully customizable interior: Unlike their shop-bought counterparts, fitted wardrobes give you complete freedom when it comes to customization options, so you’ll be able to go beyond standard shelving and add hanging rails, drawers, laundry bins, tie racks and whatever else you can imagine.

2Made to measure: When shopping for a freestanding wardrobe you have to stick to what’s available, while built-in wardrobes can be designed to fit the proportions of your space even if it has awkward angles or a sloped ceiling.

3Ample storage space: Because luxury built-in wardrobes are tailor-made they can be designed to take advantage of every spare inch, ensuring that your possessions are displayed exactly to your liking.

4Choice of finishes: Built-in wardrobes are available in a vast range of colours, materials, door types, handles and other finishes so, whether you’re after a contemporary feel or something more timeless, you’ll be able to match it with the aesthetics of your room.

5Longevity: If made by an expert, fitted wardrobes are created using high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting.

6Low maintenance: Because they are spacious and made to fit into your wall from floor to ceiling, you don’t have to clean behind or on top of them.

7Increased value: Custom-made wardrobes can raise the value of your home. So if you plan to sell your property in the future, building wardrobes will be one of the elements that add appeal for prospective buyers making them an excellent investment.