Create a light, airy look with a Kitchen Cabinet that wouldn’t look out of place in a café on the Champs-Élysées.

Freestanding kitchen islands such as the can be easily turned into movable units by adding a set of casters. Simply move them out of the way when you want, or position them so they act as serving benches for that big family party.

Elegant marble-top island translates French style into a timeless design that evokes the charm of an Old World pastry shop.

Practical and beautiful, the white marble top sits on a classically inspired metal base. ^ Prized for its natural grey-white veining and used for centuries for sculptures and flooring,

the kitchen island’s one-of-a-kind Carrara marble top is an attractive surface for prepping dishes and hosting casual meals. The cast steel and aluminum base.

with an antiqued hand-finish, provides dramatic counterpoint with its slender legs, ornamental details and traditional cross bracing. The kitchen island is anchored by a shelf styled like a baker’s rack to stow pots, cookbooks or baking supplies. Towel racks on either end provide a convenient place for dishtowels. The French Kitchen Island is a Crate and Barrel exclusive.How to organize your kitchen and keep it looking good.

You’ve put a lot of care into choosing your furnishings. And with continued care at home, they should share your address for many years to come. Now for your owner’s manual…

Keep your environmental footprint down but your style credentials up with a simple yet elegant which uses reclaimed and recycled teak to give you a traditional farmhouse look that won’t cost the Earth.

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