We brings your sofa shape back in life after we implement our expertise on sofa upholstery service

The sofa refurbishment Dubai is a traditional way to rejuvenate your sofa or sofas and make them look like new. We are capable of doing this for your sofas irrespective of their shape, size or color. The sofa refurbishment usually involve removing all old upholstery material and replacing it with new upholstery.

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Couch Renovation, Fabric Replacement


Sofa Refurbishment with design altration

Sofa refurbishment is the process of restoring your old sofa to its former glory. Sofa refurbishment is a thorough cleaning process by which the components of a sofa are replaced, reupholstered, or repaired. There are many reasons why it makes sense to restore a sofa rather than throw it out and buy new furniture.

Sofa refurbishment provides a more affordable alternative to buying a new sofa and can save money on energy bills. As well as renewing the fabric and foam seat cushions and backs for comfort, we use our sofa refurbishment service to remove old stains, spills, and loose foam buttons from your sofa.

Sofas are an investment you shouldn’t have to make again. But after years of use and wear, your sofas may become uncomfortable, outdated, and start to look old. At that point, you might be considering replacing the entire living room set rather than simply repairing the sofa.


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Another reason why sofa refurbishment is a popular option in Dubai is due to the high quality of workmanship offered by local experts. Dubai’s furniture refurbishment experts are highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that your sofa will look and feel like new once again.

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We are all about giving your leather a new lease of life • Original leather • PU leather Replacement • PVC leather Upholstery • Sami leather Reupholstery • Fashion leather • Synthetic leather • Slipcover • Artificial leather Re-pad arms, create new foams.


Do you want to give a brand new look to your chairs? Get your guest chair renovated and feel comfortable after fabric change and reupholstery.

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Office chair reupholstery expert in your town

Sofa Renovation Upholstery

Our highly skilled and professional Upholsterers are qualified to handle any Upholstery project from simply replacing springs and seat cushion foam, to large commercial jobs, residential job and ornate antiques.

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All latest fabric patterns, all types of leathers. We will also work with clients who provide their own upholstery weight and quality fabrics. If you already have a fabric or leather in mind that you want, you can supply this to us to use or we can try and source it ourselves. Get your furniture restored. Upholster any kind of furniture such as sofa, couch, curtains, dining chairs, king size bed, etc.


Outdoor sofa seat cushions, back cushions and small cushions


We never Compromise with quality, Quality is our first priority.

Cushions Detail.


Environment & Grace comes out only by quality

The Way We Work

There are five steps to complete the task

No.1 Cutting – No.2 Stitching – No.3 Framing – No.4 Foaming – No.5 Fixing

1 Cutting of fabric is an Art & Craft work and its basic thing to get final Look and keep in line and length perfect way

2 Stitching work brings out excellent result

3 Framing structure is the basic part of sofa which gives us shape and style to our dreams

4 Foaming quality gives us style and comfortless

5 Textile Fabric fixing on the frame structure is an art who give a beautiful shape to our sofa structure is the basic part of sofa which gives us shape and style to our dreams

Our Upholstery Work Gallery

You can select your own color, your own type of fabric from our huge range of Textile gallery selection.

Our big range of Upholstery Fabric Collection

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