The focal point of any bedroom has to be the bed. So we think it should also be the most stylish, the most elegant, and the most eye-catching piece of Bed room Set you own with Divan Bed.

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However, what we don’t believe in is sacrificing comfort for good looks, so at Crate and Barrel we’ve made sure that our collection of Divan Bed ticks all the boxes. The result is a stunning collection of elegant, stylish beds that are also a dream to sink into at the end of a busy day

Before you buy a bed, always make sure that it’s going to fit! As well as making sure you’ll be able to get the bed through the door, check that you’ve got enough room around the bed to move about comfortably, and open wardrobe doors with ease.

Low-level beds are particularly suited to contemporary or Oriental style rooms. Our Divan Bed combines rich, fine-grain leather surrounds and headboard with a stunning, low-level frame, or why not go for the sublimely simple Atwood King Bed for a natural wood finish?

If you have plenty of room then why not go for something really special, and create a cocoon within your bedroom with a canopy bed? Our As4interiors is a modern take on a four-poster bed – simply add delicate lace curtains for that magical look.

Some bed frames have multi-functionality. Our As4interiors has a smart and practical bookcase at the foot of the bed, for a little extra storage. Alternatively, the Blair Bed with Storage has practical drawers built in – just make sure you have enough room around the side of the bed to access them easily.

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A bed is a real investment piece, and it’s also the flourish in your bedroom décor. Whether you want the elegance of a bed with a buttoned headboard or something more rustic and charming that uses the natural beauty of the wood as a key feature, we have a fabulous choice of beautiful beds at Crate and Barrel.

Bedroom benches are elegant design practical pieces of furniture, but why not utilise them even more by choosing one with built-in storage? Our As4interiors isn’t just smart, it’s got two spacious drawers and under-Bed storage as well, making it practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

An upholstered divan bed adds a touch of class to a traditional style bedroom. Our Collet King Upholstered Divan Bed incorporates a deep upholstered cushioned top with delicately splayed legs in a typically Georgian style, but with a contemporary twist.

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