Roller Blinds

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Reduce light and heat

As Four, sunscreen roller blinds are ideal for day use. Our sunscreen roller blinds allow you to reduce heat and brightness from the Dubai sun while still being able to use sunlight to illuminate your interiors.

​As Four, sunscreen roller blinds give a minimal modern look to your space.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Minimalistic Look

As Four, blackout roller blinds give your interior a minimalistic look with the benefits of heat reduction and blocking sunlight.

Remote Control Curtains & Roller Blinds

Remote control your As Four curtains and roller blinds with Japan technology curtain and roller blinds motors.

As Four, Sunscreen fabrics come with 5 years guarantee

Beautiful Curtains and Roller Blinds for beautiful homes

At real Curtains we know that a curtains are more then just a dressing on a window. You curtains say as much about the beauty inside your home as they do about the view you have on the outside world and the way in which you like to control light. The right curtains can bring a whole room together, and it can give you control over the world outside.

Real Curtains is the number 1 choice in Dubai for quality and value. We have a huge range of fabrics, material and styles from which you can choose for tailor made and blinds.

All of our products are professionally fitted free of charge by our expert handyman from our company, Real Fix Free, no obligation consultations in your home.

We don’t have a store which allows us to deliver lowers costs to you. Instead we bring the store to the comfort of your home.

Our product range is true to our core principles. Only simple, high quality products, expertly by experienced craftsmen. All sensibly and honestly prices.

We have a range of fabrics, carefully chosen for their quality, durability and visual appeal. We also have a range of curtain poles and finishes that should suit any home.

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