We all love a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work. The good sleep is facilitated by a quiet, calm and dark atmosphere that helps the mind go to sleep. Most people are not able to sleep well if their curtains are allowing some light through. We offer you a one-stop curtains shop in Dubai that will help you choose some of the finest pieces for your home or business premises.

Our blackout curtains Dubai come in warm attractive colours with a heavier fabric than the ordinary. These curtains are highly effective in blocking out the sun and its UV rays, hence preventing them from damaging furniture that could be in the way of the sun’s rays. The summer season here in Dubai comes with very high temperatures that make the indoors very hot and humid. These curtains can easily keep your home cool in the heat of the day as they prevent transfer of heat from the outside to the inside through the windows.

These special curtains also come in handy during the winter season as they help to insulate your home, thus preventing heat loss and saving you unnecessary heating expenses. You can easily tame extreme weather conditions by the simple use of quality curtains in Dubai.

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Curtains are the essential accessory that compliments your wall. And with choosing AS4's curtain selection you will achieve wall masterpiece. With AS4 you will discover our high quality yet affordable  range of  curtains . Find inspiration curtains and decoration ideas for your home.

Curtains & Drapery

Discover our affordable range of decorated curtains hooks and curtain rings. Find inspiration decorated curtains and decoration ideas for your home. We are specialized in American Curtains shop in dubai. Regardless of whether for your room, living room or restroom, decorated curtains can offer the same amount of to the design of a room as the furniture. Decorated Stylish Curtains can include instant comfort or magnificence. Blinds utilize a small amount of the texture required for decorated curtains, however, the variety of styles and materials available means they don’t need to miss the mark on effect. So set out toward the heading tape and give your windows some adoration…

Type of Fabric

We provide thick curtains to block light from entering the room for clients who prefer that and we also provide curtains for prefer wanting the light in the room. With a room-darkening design, these american curtains is an essential for sleeping in on sunny Sunday mornings or keeping the glare off your TV in the den. Crafted from polyester, it offers a machine-washable design that can quickly and easily be cleaned when it needs a refresh. Sleek silver grommets up top allow for easy installation onto the rod of your choice. Plus, its style is understated enough for any aesthetic with a clean-lined silhouette and neutral solid hue.

Type of Texture

Printed, Lining/Stripes, Dot/Diamond, Flower Polyester, Cotton, Jacart, Shanail, Shamwa and more


American Railing, Rods, Round Railing, Aluminium Railing, Hand Railing, Ti Back Holder, Ti Back ,Lining Fabric (Sun Blocker)


Every panel is equal size. Grommet finish: Any color. Back color is the same as front. Low cost curtains. Minimal but descent design. Opening with rope. Available in Personalized design. Allows ambient light to get through.

Product Details

Material: As per client choice. Light Filtration: Room Darkening. Liner or Backing Included: Available. Cleaning Method: Machine washable.

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