Porcelain Tiles

Sourcing Guide for Porcelyn Tiles:

Porcelain Tile

Upgrade your walls or flooring with As Four, classic Porcelain Tile. This is a popular tile choice that can elevate your home’s appearance to new decorative heights. This tile is versatile enough to accommodate any home decor, and it creates an ideal backdrop for the rest of your furniture and accents. As Four carries quite a few options to ensure that you’ll find more than one choice that’ll look great in your home. Use this porcelain tile to re-finish your countertops, walls, and standing showers. It can look great anywhere.

Installing Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
Step 1: Plan Layout
The first step for installing ceramic and porcelain floor tile is to lay out the tile so it is evenly centered in the room. Find the center point by measuring the four walls in the room to find their midpoints. Then, snap two chalk lines.
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