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Masjid Carpet

Masjid Carpet

Leading company of Masjud carpet, As Four is waiting for you to carry your Mosque’s visuality to the top As being one of the oldest Masjid carpet Supplier in Dubai, Sharjah and all our the UAE, we keep our knowledge at the top for recent trends and technologies and raised the quality standards and offer you a limitless color and design selection! There are certain criteria for the Mosque carpet, when you decide to replace your carpet. Carpet should be anti-stain, easy to clean and last long and after these, most important is the most beautiful look. When the subject is Mosque Carpet, we offer colors and designs above your expectation! Our current catalog is only exists to give you an idea about the designs. We will also offer all our customers, custom designs for their Mosques based on their liking. Our professional desgin team will advice you for best matching colors and designs unique for your Mosque. After you decide some designs for your Mosque, we get photographs of your Mosque from you and install those carpet designs digitally on your Mosque photograph. That makes you to see exactly what you are buying and makes it extremely easy and accurate to select the design. Very large catalog and best prices in the market are waiting for you at As Four. Decide the design and color by yourself! Get a unique design now! The prayer rug has a very strong symbolic meaning and traditionally taken care of in a holy manner. It is disrespectful for one to place a prayer mat in a dirty location (as Muslims have to be clean to show their respect to God) or throw it around in a disrespectful manner. The prayer mat is traditionally woven with a rectangular design, made asymmetrical by the niche at the head end. Within the rectangle one usually finds images of Islamic symbols and architecture. Decorations not only are important but also have a deep sense of value in the design of the prayer rug.

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